EEA and Norway Grants

The overall aim of the project is to transform the interior of the cultural monument, a classic country house where the world-famous composer Antonín Dvořák was born, into a 21st-century museum and regional cultural center.

In doing so, the project will contribute to sustainable local cultural and socio-economic development and the inclusion of vulnerable groups. The following sub-objectives will contribute to this main goal:

1. The gradual reconstruction of the entire Antonín Dvořák Birthplace complex, which will not be financially supported by the EEA Grants but by other financial sources.

2. In parallel with the ongoing reconstruction, work will be carried out on the development and creation of an innovative permanent exhibition, particularly exhibition systems. The exhibition proposal emphasizes the use of a sound component, thus breaking away from the commonly used exhibition systems based mainly on objects, texts and a combination of video and audio. It also greatly differs from the seven widely used audio guides and mobile applications. In this case, the core element will be a custom-created interactive device with high-quality headphones, providing each visitor with a user-friendly, individualized experience guiding them through the exhibition. It will not only complement the other components of the exhibition, but also serve as the core component enabling an immersive experience.

3. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the operation of the Antonín Dvořák Birth House Museum.

4. To create a center of cultural and social life in the village of Nelahozeves by combining modern innovative technology and cultural monuments while also providing facilities for community use.

5. To offer a program of public cultural and social events and educational activities such as permanent exhibitions, guided tours, concerts, and workshops for different visitor groups (children, families, adults and seniors).

6. Adapt the museum to visitors from vulnerable groups and create specialized programs for them. Specifically targeting seniors, children of all ages, and people with disabilities.

7. Develop long-term partnerships with relevant Czech and international partners to help further develop the range of museum offerings and offer world-class educational and cultural activities.

8. To continue to communicate with the municipality and other local partners on an ongoing basis to maximize the use of the exhibition space and to ensure that the program offerings are relevant to local needs. Together with the municipality, we already organize the Dvořák Nelahozeves Music Festival and contribute to educational projects (Music in Schools of the Czech Philharmonic Regional Center in Velvary).

9. Create a website dedicated to the museum, which will offer another opportunity for distance learning and engagement in activities related to Antonín Dvořák and his music.

Many activities are taking place within the project.

The primary goal is to find a solution for special audio equipment that will enable an exceptional visitor experience. For this reason, a public tender was held in Fall 2022, which was won by the company 3dsense, s.r.o.

In an effort to find the most suitable solution for museum audio equipment, 3dsense s.r.o. conducted extensive market research at the beginning of 2023 and contacted many Czech and foreign partners. The designer Anna Kozová was involved in the work on the audio equipment.

Between June and October 2023, visitors to Nelahozeves Castle could experience a small taste of the future exhibition, which was part of the standard visitor tour.

During this period, the following workshops, devised and implemented by Lobkowicz Collections Museum Educator Jan Malý, also took place at Nelahozeves Castle.

We intend to offer these workshops in future years as part of the educational program of the Antonín Dvořák Birth House.

- 2 workshops for school groups, namely the ZUŠ Kralupy nad Vltavou “The Childhood of Antonín Dvořák” (12.6.2023 and 20.6.2023)
- 1 workshop for families with children: “Model of the Family Home” (10.9.2023)
- 1 workshop for adults: “Dream Catcher” (10.9.2023)
- 1 workshop for seniors: “A Walk Through Places Related to Antonín Dvořák's Childhood in Nelahozeves”

In 2023, four concerts were also held at Nelahozeves Castle:

- Concert of the ZUŠ Kralupy nad Vltavou (15.6.2023)
- Concert of the Academy of Chamber Music (2.7.2023)
- Concert The Choir Period as part of the Dvořák Nelahozeves Festival (10.9.2023)
- Musica Florea concert as part of the Dvořák Nelahozeves Festival (10.9.2023)